Embedded ServersCheck Software
to monitor your IIoT & edge computing
ServersCheck Network & Server Monitoring Software v14 Sensor Table view

Download Software 16.4.10

The software is free for personal use
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Award Winning
Some of the awards our free software received
Over the many years the ServersCheck Monitoring Software has won multiple awards.

One of the best network monitoring software tools you can get. If not the most user friendly :-)
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Monitoring ApplianceNew feature
ServersCheck Monitoring Appliance
Meet the new ServersCheck Monitoring Appliance. A small compact device featuring the latest version of the award winning ServersCheck Monitoring Software.

Small. Affordable. Powerful.

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Meet our 15,000+ fans
They love our products.

We will do our best to make you love them too.
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Our monitoring software is 100% free
With the release of version 12, ServersCheck has made the core of its award winning Monitoring Software free for personal and non-commercial use*. Whether you are monitoring 10, 100 or more systems.

Free support is available from the user community.

Use by a for-profit or government organization requires the purchase of a (touch) appliance.
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Spice up your sensors
monitor, report, log & alert on sensors
The Monitoring Appliance enables you to centrally monitor your different base units.

On top of that, the device adds reporting and logging capability for the sensors.

Do you have 3rd party sensors? Via SNMP you can monitor them through the appliance. Giving you a holistic view on your entire sensor network.

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Wide Range of Check Types.
to monitor your IT infrastructure
- Network: PING, TCP ports, Internet Speed, trace route, domain name expiry & resolution, SNMP

- Servers: CPU, Memory, Disk Space, Services, Processes on Windows and Linux

- Web Apps: URL, HTTP Header, HTTP Status, SSL Certificates, FTP

- E-mail: Receiving & Sending emails (POP3, SMTP, IMAP)

and of course the ServersCheck environmental, power & security sensors.
and even your sensors from other vendors
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Heat & Leak maps
at last see where your issues are
Seeing the location of an issue is what makes the difference.

Generate heat, humidity and leak maps in real time on top of your own floor plans.

It's really simple: upload your floor plan and then place with your mouse the sensors on the floor plan. The software automatically generates the layers on top of your floor plan.
Thermal and Leak map sample
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User friendly design
Sneak Preview of the Monitoring Appliance
A complete newly designed interface for ease of use and performance.

Simple. Efficient. Beautiful.
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Works on any Device.
Get your monitoring data on any of your devices: tablet, desktop and smart phone.
Desktop tablet & phone ready
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SMS Alerts via Cellular Modem.
Get alerts even when your network is down
ServersCheck beats many other tools in this field as most of them fail in this critical job as soon as there is a network failure.

With a paid license of the Monitoring Software or Monitoring Appliance, you can connect a USB GSM Modem. This allows you to be notified via SMS even when your mail server or network is down.

A must have feature for any SysAdmin.
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Slack Logo

Get the alerts of the Monitoring Software or Appliance to you and your team into your Slack Channel.

In just few steps you can get started. Check out here how to integrate Slack.
Slack alert example