SMS Reports & Interactions

2 way SMS

Status Report sent via SMS
Opening up a monitoring software to the Internet or WAN poses security risks as often the monitoring software runs in the heart of your IT infrastructure. Or what happens if you don't have mobile data available? That's where SMS comes in.

ServersCheck supports alerting using a GSM modem. With such a modem, the software can send out alerts even when the network is down. But it doesn't stop there.

As the software can send out SMS messages, it can also read incoming messages. This allows you to communicate with your Monitoring Software using traditional cell phones or smart phones when you don't have any mobile data coverage.

The SMS reporting functionality consists of several commands which can be sent to the software. After checking if the requester is authorized to query the software, it will perform the requested command and reply back to the mobile user.

Following SMS commands are currently supported:
  • status this command returns the number of checks that are OK, DOWN or in WARNING state
  • show d shows the checks that are in DOWN state
  • show w shows the checks that are in WARNING state
  • show t shows the highest 3 temperature readings
  • show e shows the last error that was encountered
  • execute allows you to execute (after authentication) an application or script. For example you could remotely reset a service, shutdown a server, ...