Sensor Calibration & Testing
Sensors drift over time due to numerous physical factors. To ensure that you can still trust your sensors' accuracy, annual calibration is recommended. To address that requirement we created an in-house lab that can test your temperature and humidity sensors against traceable reference sensors and issue a Calibration Certificate

more on our Calibration services

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ServersCheck Special Projects
enclosures, sensors and software built to your needs

Custom ServersCheck Enclosure
Missing features in our products that you need for your project? Our Special Projects team is here to help.

We build custom solutions based on our platform to meet your specific requirements.

  • customizing enclosures
  • OEM: our products with your corporate identity
  • custom sensor development
  • develop new features in our Monitoring Platform

    More info on our Special Projects

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    customers enjoy a 45 day complimentary support and standard 1 year warranty following their direct purchase.

    With a ServersCheck Plus membership you not only get email based support but also enjoy extended warranty for eligible hardware.

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    SMS & Voice Call Alerts
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    By default the base units send out alerts via email or SNMP Traps. Customers needing to be alerted via text message (SMS) or voice calls, can opt for this online option.

    It requires the purchase of credits or a ServersCheck Plus membership.

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    Cloud Monitoring
    BMS as Saas
    Free for up to 2 base units. Additional base units are included in your optional ServersCheck Plus membership.

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