The solutions detailed below are not medical grade solutions. They are emergency solutions designed to complement medical grade ones in order to help contain the Covid-19 outbreak. Additional screening & validation will always be required. #flattenthecurve
Solutions designed for the long term:
The solutions can still be used beyond the Corona (Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2) virus outbreak. Their use could be continued to monitor staff health. It can also be used for contactless temperature monitoring of critical facilities.
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2 simple cost effective solutions
to limit the spread #flatteningthecurve
Countries like Taiwan and Singapore have shown that it is possible to reduce the spreading of the SARS-CoV-2 or Novel Corona virus by implementing strong protective measures while trying to keep the economy going.

One of those measures is the continuous screening of people's temperature in offices and other public places. This is critical to keep businesses open as long as possible.

By modifying our hardware, we have developed 2 emergency solutions enabling to monitor skin temperature:
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Infrared Spot Sensor
for 1:1 temperature scanning
The IR spot sensors operate on a one-to-one. Rather than looking at a crowd of people, this setup scans one person at a time. It would point at the forehead of a person to be screened.

It performs the skin temperature scanning with an accuracy of ±0.5°C with compensation based on ambient temperature to improve the sensor's accuracy and reduce drifting. Subject to component availability it can also be offered in a medical grade version of ±0.2°C

By deploying multiple IR spot sensors next to each other, up to 8 people can be checked in parallel.
IR Spot Sensor used to monitor building entrance
IR Spot Sensor scanning a woman

Our IR spot sensors work by capturing the emitted infrared radiation within its field of view of 10°. At a distance of 30cm / 12in it will return the average temperature of a surface with a diameter of 6cm / 2.3in.

The software on the appliance picks up the sensor reading and shows it as a green or red value. Simultaneously, the data is saved onto the appliance where it can be used for ad-hoc analysis using trend analysis.

The kit contains following: Base Unit (BASE-WIRED), manually lab calibrated IR spot sensor (up to 8 for 1 kit) and the Monitoring Appliance (MON-APPLIANCE or MON-TOUCH). With the optional SensorHub you can trigger control outputs like gates, a buzzer or any other type of system.
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How it works
How the scanning solution works

The software scans with the IR spot for a healthy human skin temperature range; which is between 33.6°C and 36.9°C.

Using a simple RJ45 cable, the sensor receives power from and transmits data to the SensorGateway (base unit). The base unit accepts up to 1 thermal camera sensor or up to 2 IR spot sensors. With the optional SensorHub, you can expand it to 8 IR spots sensors. There is a maximum of 1 thermal camera per base unit.

The base unit is then connected onto the network OR can be directly plugged into the network port of the Monitoring Appliance.

The Monitoring Appliance is a small Windows Enterprise IoT 10 computer with the ServersCheck Monitoring Software embedded. It can connect to a network using a regular RJ45 network cable OR via wifi. The appliance stores all data from the sensors for graphing and trending purposes. The appliance has 3 USB ports and a HDMI port for a screen.

You can then connect a screen, tablets, smart phones or computers to the Monitoring Appliance to show the real time data. Every time a recording is made within the human skin temperature range, then that data is saved onto the Monitoring Appliance.
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Thermal camera sensors
modified for detecting elevated skin temperature
Our thermal cameras are designed to monitor infrastructure and detect thermal runaways of equipment. They have Flir thermal cameras on board.

For this emergency application, we developed a solution consisting of a special programmed thermal camera, additional probe and algorithm to focus on human skin temperature range. Using special algorithms in the sensor, we are able to bring down the accuracy from the normal ±5°C to ±0.5°C at 37°C. This makes the kit a cost effective solution to complement to the medical grade equipment and procedures.

We recommend a distance of 50cm from the subjects to the camera. It can be ideally used to scan people at reception desks, store entrances, ...
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Thermal Camera Sensor modified to monitor skin temperature
People scanning with the thermal camera sensors