IR window mount thermal sensors
24x7 IR monitoring and at a lower cost

IR window mount

Coming in 2019. Patent Pending
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Automating a manual process
manual inspections through IR windows
Currently IR windows are monitored through manual and periodic inspections using thermal guns.

The IR window mount for infrared sensors enable to leverage the existing investment made into IR windows while automating the monitoring process.

It saves significant costs compared to manual inspections. Once installed there is no periodic cost attached. Your inspections are now automated and they're done non-stop 24x7
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Multi-brands IR windows
fits 2", 3" or 4" windows
Fluke & Flir infrared IR windows
The mount is designed to support the IR windows made by leading brands Fluke, Schneider and Flir.

It supports the 2,3 and 4 inch versions of their infrared windows.
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Modular sensor support
fits our range of infrared sensors
The kit can be fitted with any of our thermal camera and spot infrared sensors.

You chose which IR window is monitored using which type of InfraSensing sensor. This modularity gives you an unmatched flexibility and allows you to optimise your investment.

List of infrared sensors
Thermal camera sensor
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How It works.
Illustration showing the operation of the IR mount kit
The ENV-IRW-X mounting kit is designed to support any of our thermal camera and infrared sensors. The sensor snaps into the mount kit. The mount kit is then placed over the IR window to perform the continuous infrared monitoring of your critical power components.