ServersCheck offers a complete modular, scalable and affordable industrial solution to control and monitor critical facilities like centralised sites (data centers, server rooms) and distributed sites (micro dc, telecom rooms, cell sites, technical rooms, outdoor cabinets, ...). With its sensors and monitoring platform, ServersCheck offers a complete industrial IoBT (Internet of Business Things) solution.

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Base Units.
Compact (0U), PoE ready device with built-in temperature sensor; support for email & SNMP traps alerts; SNMP, Modbus & XML protocols. Web server for remote administration and configuration. Host for all sensors below.

2 versions: wired or mobile (cellular).

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Wired and wireless sensors to monitor your critical facilities in 4 categories: environmental, power, security & industrial.

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Monitoring Platform.
Cloud or On-Premises based monitoring platform for customers requiring centralised monitoring of sensors and not having a SNMP based NMS or Modbus TCP based BMS.

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