Our products are originally designed for contactless temperature monitoring of equipment. As an emergency solution, we have enabled them to monitor for elevated skin temperature (EST) too. They do not have the accuracy of medical grade systems and are not be considered or used as medical grade ones. They are not designed for the specific intention of human fever detection nor the diagnosis, mitigation or prevention of disease or health conditions. Where the use of our products is permitted, they should always be used indoors and complemented with medical grade devices for confirmation and additional screening. In the USA the use of our thermal cameras and sensors is allowed / authorized as part of the FDA's emergency guidance.
The IR Spot kit has currently a lead time of 3-5 business days for small orders (up to 3 units). The IR spot with the thermal camera (option 2) has a lead time of 4 weeks (up to 3 units). For more units, please contact us for availability & lead times.

We offer 2 different EST kits: our IR Spot is our cheapest kit. It sends an infrared beam to the subject on returns the temperature. The thermal camera kit scans the entire face in 4800 points and returns the highest temperature found. All the kits require the person to stop in front of the kit to get screened.

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The mini PC included in the kit features an HDMI port. This enables you to connect any HDMI compatible monitor or tv to the kit.
It supports connectivity over ethernet or wifi. The software running on the appliance can be accessed via any other device (tablet, PC) connected onto the same network.

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