Infrastructure monitoring with SMS & voice call alerts

SMS alert example on iOS 8
From its inception the sensors had built-in email alerting and could send SNMP Traps. With the latest evolution of its hardware and firmware, ServersCheck SensorGateways can now send out alerts to you as a SMS (text message) or call you on your phone and read out the error message. No PC required.

Do you have the Mobile SensorGateway? SMS Alerts are sent via the SIM card that you inserted into the device. You can ignore the rest of this page.

Don't have a mobile SensorGateway? Don't worry we have you covered too. Here is how:
There are 3 main requirements in order to use the SMS and voice call feature of the SensorGateways:

1) Have a Premium account on with an active plan
2) The SensorGateway should be able to communicate to our servers over port 80
3) Have a SensorGateway with firmware 2.10 or higher

How does it work?

The SensorGateway will on alert connect through the Internet to one of ServersCheck's load balanced Alerting Gateways. The connected Gateway will then verify the account's settings and credits. If your account credentials are correct and if you have sufficient credits, then it will send out the received message from the SensorGateway as a text message to the defined mobile numbers in the account. The voice call and SMS alerts can be sent to multiple mobile numbers.

Promotion: Get 10 free alert credits per SensorGateway ordered

Have you purchased a SensorGateway before September 1st, 2014 directly from us? Then you are entitled to 10 free credits per SensorGateway purchased. You can claim the free credits from your personal order page (Reseller and discounted purchases are excluded from this offer)