ServersCheck sensors and MRTG

MRTG logo Probably you are using MRTG or one of the many open source solutions built upon MRTG like Nagios and Cacti. Did you know that ServersCheck is a lead sponsor of the MRTG project? Check it out on MRTG's website: Revenue from ServersCheck's environmental sensors is used to sponsor the MRTG project.

You don't know MRTG? The Multi Router Traffic Grapher, or just simply MRTG, is free software for monitoring and measuring the traffic load on network links. It allows the user to see traffic load on a network over time in graphical form. It was originally made to monitor router traffic, but has developed into a tool that can create graphs and statistics for almost anything.

Take a look at the screen shots of MRTG at the bottom of this page and see how MRTG monitors ServersCheck sensors.

How does MRTG work with ServersCheck sensors?

In order to enable MRTG to grah on values, a device needs support the SNMP protocol. ServersCheck's new sensors using the SensorGateway* support the SNMP protocol natively. Using simple SNMP get requests MRTG users can query our temperature sensors for real time status. Same applies to our humidity, flooding and power failure sensors.

ServersCheck has created a sample template for MRTG. Download the MRTG template for ServersCheck sensors

Click on one of the image below to view the ServersCheck sensors being monitored through MRTG