Wireless (Zigbee) Sensors
Temperature and Temperature+Humidity

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no pc required for the ServersCheck to operate once configured Wireless sensors for indoor and rack monitoring of data centers & server rooms.

- Zigbee wireless protocol 2.4 Ghz.
- 128 bit encrypted wireless communication.
- max range is 20m line of sight with high gain antenna.
- user replaceable 1 year battery life.
- temperature only or temperature & humidity sensor.
- Swiss made humidity probe.
- requires the wireless hub (EXP-WHUB) and base unit.
- up to 15 wireless temp & humidity sensors per wireless hub.
- up to 30 wireless temperature sensors per wireless hub.

- integrates via Modbus TCP, SNMP, JSON with other systems.
- integrates over RS-485 using Modbus RTU with ICS. Requires optional add-on.

not to be used in environments operating 2.4Ghz Wifi due to possible radio interference between low power Zigbee and high power Wifi.
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1 year battery life.
User replaceable.
Battery status page
the standard coin battery (CR2450) can be easily replaced. battery status is indicated in the SensorGateway.
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Wireless sensors using Zigbee.
Compared to RF, Zigbee coexists better with other wireless technologies. It has demonstrated a super tolerance to extreme interference, has a better reliability. The Zigbee sensors communicate using 128bit AES encryption.
Zigbee Logo
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External temperature & humidity sensor.
Externally mounted temperature sensor
the sensors report temperature, humidity and dew point.
for higher accuracy, the temperature & humidity sensor is mounted outside the sensor.
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Swiss Made Sensor.
Swiss Made Logo
The humidity sensor component inside the InfraSensing sensor is made in Switzerland. It is factory calibrated against several national standards. Final assembly and testing is done in Thailand unless the TAA version is chosen.
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Supports up to 30 wireless
temperature sensors per hub.
only one IP address needed for the base unit to which the wireless hub. The wireless hub supports up to 15 temperature & humidity sensors or 30 temperature sensors.

wireless hub technical specifications
Wireless hub for the wireless sensors
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Easy mounting
Magnet to fix wireless sensors
the sensors come with a magnetic and double sided adhesives to easily mount them on any support.
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About the Wireless Sensors.

The industry standard set by ASHRAE is to monitor each rack's environment with 6 temperature and 1 humidity sensor. Data Center operators face 2 key issues when monitoring temperature at a rack level using the ASHRAE standards: cabling and IP addresses. Traditional wired sensors are not an option: they require cabling and IP addresses. Wireless technology enables to overcome those issues: no cabling required and one IP address for many sensors.

This sensors can monitor 2 metrics: temperature and humidity. For humidity, 1 temperature and humidity sensor per rack is required when following the ASHRAE standard. Humidity should be kept within a 40-60% rH is critical to safeguard the hardware in the racks. ASHRAE recommends 6 temperature sensors per rack: 3 in the front of the rack and 3 at the back of the rack. The front of the rack monitors the intake temperature, the back of the rack the outtake temperature. The delta between intake and outtake temperature should never exceed 20C/35F. For temperature only, the wireless temperature sensors can be used. The sensors communicate over AES encrypted Zigbee protocol (2.4 Ghz) with the wireless hub that connects to the base unit. A wireless hub can accomodate up to 15 temperature+humidity sensors or up to 30 temperature only sensors. The sensors have to be in a 10m/30ft line a sight range of the wireless hub.

For easy installation in a rack, the sensors have a magnet at the back allowing them to snap into the rack. The sensors are powered using a coin battery (not included) and have a 1 year battery life span.