ServersCheck offers a complete platform to monitor critical edge infrastructure and facilities.

Our modular, scalable, innovative and open technology platform is build on 2 main product brands:
- InfraSensing™ is our sensor platform for monitoring critical facilities & infrastructures.
- ServersCheck® is our on-premises and cloud monitoring platform.

ServersCheck was founded in 2003. It is a privately owned technology company with operations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. With our international footprint we serve more than 8,000 customers around the world.

  • Our first SensorGateway launched in 2010

    June 2010

    Previously our sensors would require our software to operate. In June we released the first generation of our SensorGateway: PoE & SNMP ready. Over SNMP one can integrate the sensors with any monitoring software, not just ours. The device has also built-in email alerting so that no software is required to monitor environmental conditions.

  • BTS Monitoring infographic

    October 2012

    Launch of BTS Monitoring: our solution for monitoring decentralised infrastructure sites such as cell towers, telecom rooms, ... Built upon the same base unit, the SensorGateway, BTS Monitoring has specific sensors designed to address the top priorities of telecom operators: fuel (delivery fraud & theft), copper theft & ground quality, quality of service, power metering, state of batteries.

  • Oled enabled SensorGateway

    December 2012

    Release of hardware version 5 of our SensorGateway featuring an OLED display and the optional Sensorhub which extends the number of sensor ports from 2 to 8. The SensorGateway now also includes a built-in temperature sensor so that the device is by default an IP based temperature sensor.

  • Wireless temperature sensor

    December 2013

    Our wireless sensor probes have been released. This new generation of sensors has been designed for the Data Center market where environmental monitoring is a must. By being wireless & compact in size, the new sensors are a perfect fit for data centers compared to our existing wired sensors portfolio: no cabling needed, compact size and only 1 IP address needed per 30 sensors.

  • Cloud Platform for our sensors

    January 2014

    Launch of our free cloud based platform from where you can monitor, report and alert on sensor values. It allows to centrally monitor an unlimited number of sensors either based on device or location (using our map feature). The cloud platform is available on

  • Mobile SensorGateway

    February 2015

    Release of our Mobile SensorGateway designed to enable customers to monitor remote infrastructure sites with our modular & scalable platform

  • Thermal Imaging Sensor

    March 2016

    Launch of our Thermal Imaging Sensor; a unique new, innovative, cost effective way to perform for thermal monitoring

  • Drawing Compassr

    January 2017

    Opening of our in-house calibration lab for certifying temperature and humidity sensors