Power Quality Sensor

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Simple. Plug & Play. Affordable.
ServersCheck / InfraSensing Power Quality Sensor Drawing
Designed to monitor single phase power quality in your critical facilities and edge infrastructure sites.

Integration with Building Management Systems (BMS) through Modbus TCP or with Network Management Systems using SNMP.

Can be integrated with Industrial Control Systems (ICS) through Modbus RTU (RS485). Requires the optional ADDON-RTU.

Built-in alerting via email, SMS or SNMP Traps.

No electrician needed. Simply plug it in a power socket and start monitoring your power quality.

Using industry standards it will analyze and translate your power quality in simple and actionable information.

Works in standalone mode with data retrieval via micro USB port
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Detecting most common power quality issues.
Voltage related power quality issues account for more than 85% of all PQ issues*

This sensor is designed to monitor single phase power circuits; giving you an insight of your power quality at your power's edge.

The InfraSensing AC Power Quality sensor detects:
- short and long power failures or interruptions
- voltage swells, spikes or over-voltage
- voltage sags, dips or under-voltage
- harmonic voltage distortions (THD)
- frequency fluctuations
Old voltage meter
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80% of quality issues happen behind the meter*
impacting electronics, data, equipment, controls and motors
Utility power meter
Power quality problems are one of the major causes of unplanned downtime, loss of data, malfunction and damage of equipment. Even worse it negatively affects the life span of equipment.

While some industrial and commercial facilities are equipped with triple phase power quality monitoring, they are not monitoring what's happening at the single phase edge of their facilities. That's often where the critical components run. Especially in today's digital age.

This sensor enables you to plug it in anywhere in your facility and start monitoring the power quality at that specific point. Combined with traditional power quality sensors and meters you can get a better view of your power quality within your entire infrastructure or facility.
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How it works.
Following illustration will show you how our power quality monitoring system works.

The power quality sensor connects to a base unit using a standard RJ45 network cable. The nRJ45 type cable tranmits data and power from the base unit to the power quality sensor. The sensor comes with a 1.5m/5ft UL listed 3-pin power cable. The power cable is plugged one end into the sensor and other end into a power socket. The sensor constantly monitors the power for its voltage and total harmonics distortion.

Illustration showing how the AC power quality sensor works
* Source: LPQI survey & EPRI study.