Dry Contact Sensor Probe

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no pc required for the ServersCheck to operate once configured IO sensor with 16 dry contact inputs & 4 dry contact outputs
The ServersCheck Dry Contact (voltage free contact) sensor monitors the state of any electrical dry contact output enabled device and can control equipment using one of its 4 outputs. Examples of such devices: alarms, generators, control relays, valves, fans, HVAC, ...

The sensor has 16 distinct dry contact inputs. They can be configured (on a per port basis) to monitor either a normal open (NO) or normal closed (NC) state. Not only can you define the normal state but you can also set a minimum time that a state should be in before triggering an alarm.

On top of the 16 inputs, the device also features 4 outputs. With the outputs you can control equipment.
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Technical Specifications - IO Dry Contact Sensor Probe (IND-IO)
Operating temperature range: 0C to +75C (32F to +167F) in PoE mode
Operating humidity range: < 90% rH (non-condensating)
Dimensions: 70 mm (2.7") x 88 mm (3.4") x 22 mm (0.8")
Housing: Orange metal casing with one LED status indicators
2x 8 dry contact inputs
4 dry contact outputs
12 VDC power out to power attached devices (for example smoke, motion, door sensors) - max 700mA
Contact polling rate: min 1 second
Requires the SensorGateway to operate - max 1 (one) IO Sensor Probe per SensorGateway with no other sensors
Does not work with Expansion Hubs
The SensorGateway is required for this sensor.
Requires SensorGateway v5.1+ with firmware 8+
Network communication protocols: SNMPv2,v3 XML, JSON, HTTP and Modbus TCP
Operating temperature range: 0C to +75C (32F to +167F)
Operating humidity range: < 90% rH (non-condensating).
Sensor connects via regular straight RJ45 cable to the SensorGateway.
Maxmimum distance between probe and SensorGateway is 100m/330ft when using a CAT6 or CAT7 cable (subject to cable quality and interference)