ServersCheck Dry Contact & IO Sensor

dry contact sensor probe

Dry Contact Sensor Probe

with 16 dry contact inputs & 4 dry contact outputs

no pc required for the ServersCheck to operate once configured The ServersCheck Dry Contact (voltage free contact) sensor monitors the state of any electrical dry contact output enabled device and can control equipment using one of its 4 outputs. Examples of such devices: alarms, generators, control relays, valves, fans, HVAC, ...

The sensor has 16 distinct dry contact inputs. They can be configured (on a per port basis) to monitor either a normal open (NO) or normal closed (NC) state. Not only can you define the normal state but you can also set a minimum time that a state should be in before triggering an alarm.

On top of the 16 inputs, the device also features 4 outputs. With the outputs you can control equipment. For example you could remotely or automatically start a backup air conditioning unit, start a pump when a water leak is detected.

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The IO sensor in action

Mac Monitor playing a ServersCheck Video
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Technical Specifications - IO Dry Contact Sensor Probe (IND-IO)
IO Sensor smallOperating temperature range: 0C to +75C (32F to +167F) in PoE mode
Operating humidity range: < 90% rH (non-condensating)
Dimensions: 70 mm (2.7") x 88 mm (3.4") x 22 mm (0.8")
Housing: Orange metal casing with one LED status indicators
2x 8 dry contact inputs
4 dry contact outputs
12 VDC power out to power attached devices (for example smoke, motion, door sensors) - max 700mA
Contact polling rate: min 1 second
Requires the SensorGateway v4 or higher to operate - max 1 (one) IO Sensor Probe per SensorGateway
SensorGateway small The SensorGateway is required for this sensor.
Requires SensorGateway v5.1+ with firmware 7+

Network communication protocols: SNMPv2,v3 XML, JSON, HTTP and Modbus TCP
Base Unit Operating temperature range: 0C to +75C (32F to +167F)
Operating humidity range: < 90% rH (non-condensating).
RJ45 small Connects via regular straight RJ45 cable to the SensorGateway.
Maxmimum distance between probe and SensorGateway is 10m/33ft
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