System Requirements for ServersCheck's Monitoring Software

ServersCheck's Server Monitoring and Network Monitoring Software recommends at least the following system resources:

  • Processor:
    CPU icon Intel i5 or higher recommended
  • Memory:
    RAM icon For the software you will need at least following:
    2GB or higher: BUSINESS edition
    4GB or higher: PREMIUM edition

  • Hard Disk:
    SSD icon SSD are highly recommended for increased performance
    For the Monitoring Software a minimum of 1GB disk space is required per 1000 checks

  • Operating System:
    Windows logo BUSINESS Edition: 32 bit: Windows XP/7 - Windows Server 2003/2008/2012
    PREMIUM Edition: 64 bit: Windows Server 2008/2012

    Virtualization: ServersCheck works on VMWare

  • Browser:
    Firefox logo Firefox, Chrome or IE 10+
    ServersCheck is developed and tested against Firefox, our preferred browser.

  • Optional hardware:
    Zoom Huawei, Zoom, ZTE 3G dongle with SMS plan
    AT&T and T-Mobile are recommended as a mobile operator in the US