Expansion modules for the base units

By default the base unit supports up to 2 additional wired sensors. If you want to add more than 2 sensors to a base unit, then the expansion modules below enable you to extend it to 5 sensors (MultiSensor & Hub), 8 sensors (SensorHub) or 30 wireless sensors (wireless hub).

Only one (1) expansion hub per base unit (SensorGateway) is supported.

Sensorhub for SensorGateway

Photo of the Sensorhub

Expands number of sensor ports to 8, control capabilities with dry contact and relay outputs.

MultiSensor & Hub for SensorGateway

Photo of the MultiSensor & Hub

Preloaded with 9 sensors. Expands number of ports to 5. Control capabilities with 4 dry contact outputs.

Wireless hub for SensorGateway

Photo of the Wireless Hub

For up to 15 wireless temperature & humidity sensors or 30 wireless temperature sensors.
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