ServersCheck sensors

A wide range of off-the-shelve sensors grouped per category to monitor your critical facilities and infrastructure sites. The sensors below connect to the base unit, the SensorGateway.

Optional calibration certificates are available for our temperature & humidity sensors.
Up to 2 sensors can be connected to the base unit. With the optional expansion units, the number of sensors that can connect to the base unit can be extended up to 5, 8 or 30 sensors. Maximum distance between a sensor and the base unit is 10m/30ft. For the wired sensors the connection is over a standard RJ45 cable.

Environmental Monitoring - Wireless Sensors

The wireless environmental sensors connect wireless (Zigbee 2.4Ghz) to the Wireless Hub.
Maximum distance between wireless sensor and wireless hub is 60ft or 20m.

Power Monitoring Sensors

Security Monitoring Sensors

Industrial Monitoring Sensors

IO Dry Contact

16 IN / 4 OUT
IO Dry Contact Sensor
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