Video's & drawings illustrating the operation of the ServersCheck sensors

Mac Monitor playing a ServersCheck Video
At ServersCheck we do understand that not everyone likes to read manuals and that seeing is believing

This is why we have created a series of how-to video's showing you how our base units and some of our sensors work.

Enjoy the video's :-)
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The basis: you need a sensor ①, a base unit ② (called the SensorGateway) and a switch ③
The basis of a ServersCheck hardware solution: sensor, base unit and a network

non-relevant transparent gif The sensor connects to a base unit (SensorGateway) using a standard network cable. The network cable tranmits data and power between the base unit and the sensor. The maximum distance between a sensor and the base unit is 10m/30ft.

The sensor connects to the base unit over a standard network cable. Max distance is 10m/30ft

non-relevant transparent gif The SensorGateway supports by default up to 2 sensors. With the optional SensorHub up to 8 sensors can be connected to a base unit.
The base unit supports up to 2 sensors by default or up to 8 with the optional sensorhub

non-relevant transparent gif The SensorGateway connects to a switch over standard CAT5 or CAT6 UTP network cable. If your switch is PoE ready then the base unit will be powered over the network.
The base unit connects to a switch.
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