Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Sensor
CO2 & volatile organic compounds (VOC)

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This sensor measures the CO2 levels and volatile organic compounds in the air surrounding the sensor. Those measurements enable you to monitor the air quality inside your buildings, data centers, server rooms, healthcare facilities and other critical facilties.
- measures CO2 levels in ppm equivalents
- CO2 ppm range of 450 to 2000 ppm (parts per million).
- measure TVOC in ppb equivalents.
- TVOC range of 125 to 600 ppb (parts per billion).
- operating temperature range of 0°C to +50°C.
- plugs into & powered by the base unit.
- 0U Rack or wall mountable sensor.
- alerts via SNMP Traps, email, SMS or voice calls.
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Indoor Air Quality CO2 standards
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Inadequate indoor air quality has an impact on the wellbeing of employees, residents. High CO2 levels may lead to sickness, headaches or lower activity levels; all impacting productivity.

Outdoor the normal CO2 levels are around 350 to 450ppm. Indoor CO2 levels should be at least 350ppm and not more than 1,000ppm. Above 1,000ppm air quality is considered poor and cause complaints of drowsiness. Above 2,000ppm it may cause headaches, loss of attention.
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Indoor TVOC standards
High levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) inside buildings may have direct result in a variety of complaints of the eye, skin, throat irritation, nausea, headaches, lower activity and more. The harmfulness of VOC depends on the type of compound and its toxic properties. In the event of TVOC issues, inspections should be carried out to find the root cause of the problem and address it as exposure to the VOCs may harm health.

Indoor VOC levels up to 350 ppb are acceptable. However they should not exceed 500ppb.
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Austrian made sensor.
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How It works.
The sensor connects to the base unit over a standard network cable. Max distance is 100m/330ft

The ENV-TVOC sensor connects to the the base unit. This makes the device an ethernet SNMP and MODBUS TVP indoor air quality sensor. It measures CO2 levels in ppm and total volatile organic compounds in ppb. Alerting via email, SMS, voice call. Integrates with BMS platforms using the Modbus TCP protocol. Or with NMS systems through SNMP GET and SNMP TRAPS.
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Technical Specifications - Indoor Air Quality Sensor Probe (ENV-TVOC)

Indoor air quality meter
- CO2 levels: 450 to 2000ppm
- TVOC levels: 125 to 600 ppb
Operating temperature range: 0C to +50C (32F to +122F) in PoE mode
Operating humidity range: < 90% rH (non-condensating)
Dimensions: 70 mm (2.7") x 88 mm (3.4") x 22 mm (0.8")
Housing: Orange metal casing with one LED status indicators
The SensorGateway is required for this sensor.
Requires SensorGateway v5.1+ with firmware 8+
Network communication protocols: SNMPv2,v3 XML, JSON, HTTP and Modbus TCP
Operating temperature range: 0C to +75C (32F to +167F)
Operating humidity range: < 90% rH (non-condensating).
Sensor connects via regular straight RJ45 cable to the SensorGateway.
Maxmimum distance between probe and SensorGateway is 100m/330ft when using a CAT6 or CAT7 cable (subject to cable quality and interference)